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Olsen Twins Vow To Fight Sweatshops

Olsen Twins Vow To Fight Sweatshops

Olsen Twins Dw by Kanye West: Front Row - Paris Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2012

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The Olsen twins pledge that their “fashions” sold at Wal-Mart will not be manufactured in sweatshops.

Originally, they were a little confused by what sweatshops were. They wanted to initially make it clear that they would never sell sweat. The little misunderstanding was quickly cleared up.

The former child stars were targeted by the National Labor Committee and student activists from the twins’ college, New York University, who sent an open letter Wednesday to the Olsens asking them to sign a petition to force Wal-Mart to guarantee female workers who make the clothing in factories in Bangladesh the “legal right to maternity leave with benefits.”

The letter claimed the twins’ company, DualStar Entertainment, refused hundreds of appeals over the last seven months to disclose the names of the Bangladesh factories where the Mary-Kate and Ashley brand is being manufactured so the NLC can ensure the women working there are aware of their legal rights.

I have an idea. If it is revealed that any of their products are manufactured in a sweatshop, I say that the adorable Mary-Kate and Ashley volunteer to work at that factory for an unspecified amount of time.

This article was originally published on December 10, 2004.




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