Let’s Kiki About RuPaul’s Drag Race Episode 7: Farm to Runway!

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RuPaul's Drag Race Farm to Runway
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After last week’s Draglympic extravaganza, this week’s challenges seems tame by comparison, but there’s quick drag and a design challenge, so I am here for this.

The queens return to the work room after Scarlet’s elimination.

Apparently, the producers needed a villain and Ra’jah is here to fit the bill. She doesn’t think she needs to read Scarlet’s farewell mirror message, as she feels she was a queen who “relies on being beautiful.” In the confessionals, she continues to read the departed queen, ending her tirade with “Bye, bitch.”

Vanjie can’t believe how Ra’jah is reacting, yelling that, “Scarlet is still in the parking lot, jumping in the van and Miss Ra’jah is still reading the dogshit out of her!” She goes on to warn, “GURL! Scarlet, don’t watch this part of the episode!” Ra’jah, still not done, says “the confidence was very high, but sometimes you have to humble yourself and take some of [the criticism] and grow from it.” Me-ow.

A’keria is glad she finally won and hopes to keep the momentum going. Plastique knows she stepped up her game personality-wise and feels safe with her runway looks, which got an eyeroll from Silky, who points out that she has worn a corset on every runway and has yet to receive a critique. In the confessional, she says, “You should just call that bitch Viola Davis, because she knows how to get away with murder” and thinks she’ll be sashaying away soon. Yvie accused Ra’jah of being salty after being called out by Scarlet on the runway. (As always, Yvie is the voice of truth and reason.) Nina says that Ra’jah is becoming her own saboteur and Brooke it might be her turn to go. Ra’jah feels like the triumphant lip sync assassin she claims to be and feels some girls are flying under the radar like Shuga, Plastique and Nina and they’re just “taking up space.” Eeeevvilllll…..

The next day, Yvie – on crutches – leads the slowest walk ever into the work room. Our injured queen says she’s not quite at 100% but is ready for any challenge “as long as it’s not running.” Some of the queens talk about being compared to other Drag Race alums. Silky says she’s been called “Baby Latrice”, Plastique said she used to paint her face like Miss Fame and people tell Yvie she reminds them of Naomi Smalls “until they see my drag.” Ru enters and brings on the “All-American” mini challenge, with the queens competing in a good old-fashioned potato sack race. But this race isn’t about winning…no, no….it’s all about “slo-mo, jugs-a-jiggling boobography”. The queens have 20 minutes to get into quick drag including gratuitous use of cutlets and breast plates.

The queens scramble to get ready and Silky shares that “I got a wonderful cornbread recipe if you would like to have it. It’ll make your titties grow. Just eat a bite every day and your titties get all big and juicy.” I need that recipe. As always, the results of quick drag elicit some giggles, and the bouncing begins, with Ru telling the injured Yvie to simply “stand and deliver.” Yvie wasn’t the only queen to deliver, as there’s lots of maraca shaking, pixelated fake nipples (what’s up with that?) and cutlets flying out of their confines at a rapid rate. It’s a hilarious challenge that made me feel oh so woefully inadequate in the cleavage department. Ru announces the winners: “Nina Breast” and “Shuga Tits.” Brava, ladies.

Ru then announces that, for the first time in the show’s her-story, the episode will be “100% whoreganic, locally-sourced and certified free trade.” The Pit Crew brings out a bunch of food, pinecones, burlap, rope and leaves and such. Ru tells the girls they need to use these natural materials to create a fashionable “farm to runway look” that is “sickening and sustainable.”

Everyone grabs the materials they want for their outfits. Shuga can’t help but munch on some of the produce and Plastique says she’s planning on making another corset. A’keria is confused and can’t figure out what to do. Yvie thinks A’keria isn’t jazzed about using alternative materials for the challenge as her drag aesthetic is very “not that”. Ra’jah wants to push her limits and not just be safe. She’s confident this is her challenge to win. Sure it is. Yvie joked that she is making “the dress that Soju went home on but right.”

Yvie thinks this challenge is in her wheelhouse and if she can’t shine at this, she can’t shine in any design challenge. Vanjie knows she needs to come up with a different silhouette – even though her usual drag aesthetic is “Pretty Woman, Rodeo Drive stripper” – and doesn’t want to get called out by Michelle again. Nina was shucking corn and hoping to use the husks as a fabric. She wants to present something really different from what he judges have seen from her and also knows she needs to better “proportionize” per the judges’ critiques. Vanjie reminds us that Shangela was sent home for wearing corn (but look at her now!)

As the queens put together their runway looks, Ru takes the opportunity to dig a little deeper into their personalities. Ru told Brooke Lynn that she thought she would have a bigger personality and is more subdued than she anticipated. Brooke Lynn described herself as “an introverted extrovert.” When Ru asked who he would send home, she said she would pick   Ra’jah because of her multiple appearances in the bottom two. Ru tells her that wants viewers to fall in love with her and to “Show people who you are.” A’keria says she has a fear of being judged. She’s not wrong.

Ru asks Ra’jah if she’s wheat or chaff and of course, she says she’s the “good ass wheat.” Ra’jah tells Ru how confident she is about this challenge, even though she’s using unconventional materials. She wants Ru to know she is working outside of her comfort zone and not just making a corset (cut to Plastique). Remember the last time Ra’jah was overly confident about her abilities? That didn’t end well.    

Ru talks to Plastique about how her personality hasn’t really been shining through and she assured Ru that she’s working on that. Ru asked if there’s something she doesn’t want anyone to see and Plastique confessed that growing up, it wasn’t okay to speak out or be who she was because it wasn’t okay. She went on to add that her family doesn’t know she’s on the show and don’t talk about the fact that she’s a performer. Ru asks if she wants to be herself and Plastique says she did but that doing that hadn’t ended well in the past. Through tears, she says she wanted to come out of her shell, but, because of her family, knows to hide her true self away. A touched Ru said this show is an “opportunity for you to show them in a way, on your own terms, you’re beautiful and creative and this is your gift to not only them but yourself.” They hug. Awww. Ru says, “I’m your new Mommy and you’ll always be my baby.” How sweet.

Nina gets emotional and says she believes Plastique is putting herself out there in a way different from someone like Silky. Ra’jah again lets her bitch flag fly, saying, “I find it very strange that, in a walkthrough about personality or lack thereof, somehow correlates in your family not knowing that you do drag and that’s the reason you have no personality.” Ooh, she is salty today.

A’keria tells Ru that she’s having a hard time coming up with an idea that takes her to the top and just not keeps her safe. She’s going to dye some burlap blue and accessorize with a “peacock thing.” When she was asked who should go home, she said Brooke Lynn, because she just wants to take out the competition. A’keria feels that the pageant queens (she, Brooke Lynn and Plastique) are held to a higher standard than the personality queens (Yvie, Nina and Silky) who are often given a pass. Vanjie told Ru that she promises not to wear another bodysuit, even if they call her from the suitcase. She’s up for the challenge and will do whatever it takes to move on. When Ru asks her who she thinks should go home, she says she doesn’t know and then under pressure calls out Yvie because she told her to change up her look – even though she was right.

Ru accuses Dr. Silky Ganache of getting by on her personality. In tackling this design challenge, Silky tells Ru that she’s stepping outside box once again (even though Ru reminded her that she was at the bottom of last design challenge). Silky says she’s not making a gown but Ru told her she had to have a look that “has to be finished in a way that judges are going to say go back to the sewing machine.” Silky also thinks Yvie should go home just because “she’s hurt.” Not that she doesn’t like her or like the fact that she’s called her out in the past. Silky confesses that she wants to “send that bitch all the way back to Denver” in a lip sync. Ru asks Yvie about her ankle and she insists that she recuperates quickly. She thinks Silky should go home because she’s been the most resistant to the judges’ critiques. Yvie says she’s going from quirky style to high fashion, with a new silhouette to show an entirely different Yvie.

Ru gathers the gals to meet a mystery guest to give pointers on their runway presentation. And, when they hit the runway, they encounter none other than Alyssa Edwards. YAAASSS! Plastique is Alyssa’s daughter and she tells her she’s got her eye on her. Alyssa then asks the queens to strut their stuff on the runway. She tells Vanjie she’s moving too fast, like she’s “running from the cops”. Alyssa recognizes Brooke Lynn’s dance technique which is lovely but tells her that her personality needs to shine through. In order to sell your character, you have to buy it yourself.

Wise words from Ms. Edwards. Alyssa says Nina’s runway delivery is very pleasing with no backrolls…well, as Nina corrects her, just a little. Shuga and A’keria do their thing and Alyssa says Ra’jah is serving “more legs than a bucket of chicken.” Alyssa had lots of advice for Silky, telling her to hold her pose to “let them get up in that mug and that body.” Sha also dropped this gem, “Don’t serve that sign language, you ain’t a flight attendant.” When it came to her drag daughter, Plastique, Alyssa said she doesn’t want to be “a stage mom from Toddlers and Tiaras.” She doesn’t have to worry as Platique shines under her mom’s tutelage. Lastly, Yvie shows off her flexibility, which prompts Alyssa to call her “Gumby’s sister.”

When asked about her ankle, Yvie says that “You can push through things as long as you’re not pushing past your limit.” She is a game player and I love her. Alyssa has another surprise for the queens – and for Ru – she’s going to teach them a country line dance as Ru loves herself a “country breakfast.” Sadly, we don’t get to see the rehearsal for “RuPaul’s Pumpkin Pies” as it’s only a 90-minute show. I would be more than happy to see Alyssa and Love Connie on every episode of Drag Race moving forward.

It’s Elimination Day. Fun fact: Silky can’t comb her hair. A’keria calls her boy hair “can’t ya, don’t ya” as in “can’t you comb it, don’t you try.” A’keria switched up her look because the dye didn’t take and had to make a new look with some denim fabric. She admits it’s not one of her best efforts but hopes the judges will appreciate her “less is more” approach. Ra’jah she had to alter her plans because Plastique stole all of her materials (just some of the tree bark she was using for her garment) and had to figure something else out. She says “I’m a bigger person” and made a “sickening” pair of burlap pants. Yvie says she’s at 90% and admits that she doesn’t want to show physical weakness because she thinks others see it as real weakness and warns the queens that if they think that, they’ve got another thing coming.  

Another runway, another stunning look from Ru. She introduces Michelle and Ross and this week’s guest judges, Real Housewife of Atlanta Kandi Burruss and Amber Valetta. We get to see the Pumpkin Pies’ dance routine and it’s a cute time filler. Yvie sits on a bale of hay and plays the fiddle while the other queens, clad in flannel shirts, Daisy Dukes and cowboy boots do a fun line dance. After this, it’s time to bring it to the runway. Category is: farm to runway.

Shuga gave us a corseted gown made with burlap and dried flowers with an extremely windswept wig. Her look blew Michelle away.

Silky served up “beans and candy couture.”

Yvie did bring the glam with a look Amber described as “fall in Hawaii”, serving “100% gorgeous glamour” and a red finger wave.

Nina’s corn husk dress was cool, and she even had corn kernels on her shoes. This look, however, gave us way too many corn jokes from the judges.  

Brooke Lynn’s look elicited a response from Ru of “chambray, you stay.” Her denim look was reminiscent of Ralph Lauren and “fun and flirty”.  

A’keria says her denim high fashion look is channeling her inner Miranda Priestly with a cloak, pencil skirt and peacock feathers. Aside from the wig, I’m not seeing it.  

Vanjie isn’t in a bodysuit! She opted for a rope top and burlap mini-skirt topped with a Rihanna wig.

Ra’jah wore her burlap trousers and a top with tree bark accents, topped with a bark headpiece.

Plastique listened to her drag mama and took it slow down the runway, showing off her dress made with feathers, dried flowers and (stolen) bark.

Shuga, Silky, Vanjie are all safe. The other queens represent the “top of the crops and the bottom of the barrel” and get their critiques. Yvie was complemented for her genius and quirkiness. Ross said she was “finding a really nice way of staying true to who you are” which he said could take her far. Amber loved Brooke Lynn’s look, especially her on-trend, oversized bag. Kandi said her exposed back was “everything” (I agree.) Ross says she’s comfortable wither frontrunner status and is killing it. Ru says that Plastique’s look reminded her of Brooke Shields on a 1984 Vanity Fair cover. Amber said she was able to “emote through the clothing” and Ross told her it looked like she was having fun in the dance challenge. See? Motivational talk + Alyssa = victory.

Ross said Ra’jah was “lost” in the dance challenge and Michelle said she saw Groot in her runway look. Ouch. She went on to tell her, “It doesn’t suck but there are ways it could be better.” Kandi hated her headpiece and Ross pointed out that her pants were coming apart. A’keria’s hairline and shoulder pads got criticism and was told she took a step back. Ross said Nina’s top was great, but her bottom looked like “saggy drawers.” Michelle said her body shape was still a little off, she found a booty but needs to round out her hips. Amber told her to warm up her base and soften her eyes to show her “pretty face.” Nina really did seem to be grateful for the critiques and not defensive, which was quite refreshing.

As the queens “unshucked” backstage, we got more from the judges. Amber loved Yvie’s act on the hay bale during the dance routine. Ru saw a “softer side of Yvie” and liked it. Ross said she’s giving us some glamour “which looks good on her.” Brooke Lynn is “a lot of perfection,” knows what she is doing and is “here to win”. Ross said she failed to make him laugh during the hoedown. Plastique got kudos for her “couture woodland fairy ballerina” look and her “slow and sultry” runway walk. Amber said her courage is commendable and makes her more beautiful. Amber also said that Ra’jah was “gone” in the country dance. Michelle called her runway “ABC – another bad creation.” A’keria’s look was a “big miss” with a dress that “swallowed her up.” While Nina was eager to do well and trying to make the padding work and wasn’t afraid to be ugly and quirky in the dance but Ru says they haven’t seen America’s Next Drag Superstar in her.

In the end, Plastique’s breakthrough won her the challenge. Yvie and Brooke Lynn got kudos and are safe. Ra’jah, not surprisingly, is in the bottom two and is set to lip sync for her life against A’keria. The lip sync assassin and last week’s golden goddess take on Sheena Easton’s “Strut”. Ra’jah has the attitude down, but takes off her huge braid for no reason. In the end, it’s time for Ra’jah to sashay away. I honestly thought she was going to stick around longer, because she got so villainous on this episode. I expect Yvie is going to end up taking her place as the resident baddie. This week had its moments, but next week, it’s the always eagerly-anticipated “Snatch Game”! Until then, everybody say LOVE! 

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