The top 10 Socialite Life Flashback articles of 2020

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The Top 10 Socialite Life Flashback Articles of 2020

As we look back on the horrendous year that was 2020, nostalgia helped get us through the trying times of the year.

With that in mind, we thought we'd run down the top 10 Socialite Life Flashback posts of the year.

Scroll down through the list to find out what the number one SL Flashback post was, you dirty, dirty dogs.

  1. Richard Madden Talks Really Having to Hide His Man Bits for Cinderella — WATCH

Apparently, guys, Richard Madden‘s junk was just way too much for Disney. The actor popped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to plug his upcoming movie Cinderella, aka The Movie Sabba is Most Excited About This March Because Who Doesn’t Wanna Watch Cinderella.

  1. James Marsden Hits The Beach In Maui — PHOTOS

With James Marsden sort of being brought back from the dead on the second season of Dead to Me, we thought there was no better time of turn back the clock a few years and revisit one of James’ past vacations.

  1. Actor Gregg Sulkin Strips Down To His Underwear For Flaunt Magazine — PHOTOS

Hey, look! It’s one of Socialite Life‘s favorite shirtless men, Gregg Sulkin! And would you look at that! He’s shirtless in the latest issue of Flaunt Magazine. Okay sure, so he has a few photos where he’s doing the clothed modeling thing, but come on, you know that we are all about those abs.

  1. Hugh Jackman Goes for a Swim at Bondi Beach — PHOTOS

Hugh Jackman has his last swim at Bondi Beach in Australia on November 15, 2008, before leaving for America to promote his Australia film with Nicole Kidman.

  1. Mark Wahlberg Strips Down to His Undies — PHOTOS

Mark Wahlberg is no stranger to being photographed in his underwear, after all, Marky Mark was all about the undies. Do you remember Mark’s movie Pain and Gain? If you do, one of the reason’s that you do, is for the scene in which these photos captured.

  1. Kevin Costner Outed In Massage Sex Scandal

Kevin Costner has been publicly named as the “celebrity accused of performing a sex act while being given a massage at a famous golf hotel.” There was a gag order (no pun intended) on this previously, but now that has been lifted.

  1. Jake Gyllenhaal Goes Full Frontal

A buff and nude Jake Gyllenhaal makes any film worth seeing. Yes, I’d even sit through The Day After Tomorrow 2 if he would strip in that hopefully never made film.

  1. Lisa Rinna Finally Explains How Her Lips Became to Be

It all started 23 years ago for Lisa Rinna, “I had silicone put in my top lip not the bottom lip.” She wanted the look that Barbara Hershey had in Beaches, “plump and beautiful,” said Rinna.

  1. Chris Hemsworth Needed An Extra Large Prosthetic Penis To Make That Scene Work For ‘Vacation’

Because Chris Hemsworth is just too big for a normal prosthetic penis. If you watched the trailer for the new Vacation movie, then I’m sure you remember the hilarious scene: Ed Helms and Christina Applegate are lying in bed, and in walks Chris Hemsworth, shirtless, clad only in his underwear and packing some major junk.

  1. Chloe Sevigny Explains Brown Bunny Blowjob Scene — SL Flashback

“I knew people would not understand it,” Chloe Sevigny told The Associated Press. “When you see the film [Brown Bunny], it makes more sense. It’s an art film. It should be playing in museums. It’s like an Andy Warhol movie.”

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