The Week in Drag: Bob the Drag Queen, Shangela, Willam and more!

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Bob the Drag Queen

Catch up on the latest from the season 11 queens as well as Bob the Drag Queen, Shangela, Willam and more!

This week on RuPaul's Drag Race, the queens went “whoreganic”, using natural materials to create farm-to-runway fashions. Relive the highs and lows of the episode with our recap! You can also hear even more critiques, disputes and salutes on our favorite podcasts, “What the Tuck?” and “Race Chaser”.

Last week's “All that Glitters” runway featured some breathtaking looks, and some of your favorite Drag Race alums have a lot to say about them – and the Draglympics challenge. Eureka O'Hara joins Manila Luzon on this week's episode of “The Pit Stop” and Aquaria and Raja share their thoughts on the “Fashion Photo Ruview.”

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Since I adore Scarlet Envy, this week's links might be a little Scarlet-heavy, so I apologize in advance. You can recreate Scarlet's “Old Hollywood Glam” look that she featured on her first Drag Race runway in this excellent tutorial. I have been wearing makeup for…well…let's just say many years, but what these queens do with cosmetics (and glue stick) boggles my mind. Scarlet says her makeup regime highlights “natural beauty” and says, “I like to think about drag as what your favorite part of yourself is and just emphasizing that.” Whatever she's doing is definitely working for her. 

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Buzzfeed asked Scarlet some rapid-fire questions, including her go-to bagel order, favorite Disney movie and the makeup essential she simply can't do without.

Michelle Visage dishes with Scarlet about her Drag Race experience from the audition process (she tried out four times) to what she learned and shows off some of the fashions she didn't get to showcase on the runway (SPOILER: a lot of gorgeous Old Hollywood glamour) in the latest episode of “Whatcha' Packin'?”  

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Lastly, Scarlet talked to MTVabout her time on the show and the challenge and lip sync that sent her home – all with the sense of humor that won many fans over. Of her dancing ability (or lack thereof), she said, “You know, I might not be the world's best dancer, but I am a performer and have survived onstage to keep the lights on. So, you know, she can serve you a show.”

After her knockout performance at the GLAAD Media Awards in LA last month, Shangela has been tapped to host the GLAAD Media Awards ceremony in New York on May 4. Honorees at the ceremony include Madonna, recipient of the Advocate for Change Award and Andy Cohen, who is receiving the Vito Russo Award for using media to promote LGBTQ+ equality. Congrats, Shangela!

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Season four standout and EMMY winning queen Delta Werk is the guest on this week's episode of Hey Qween. On the episode, Delta talks about coming face-to-face with Adele, who she expertly impersonates on stage, plays a game of “hair do or hair don't” and talks about winning an Emmy for her work styling Ru's amazing wigs on Drag Race. Check out part one, part two and part three on YouTube.

If you love Willam and also love awkward interviews, check out this interview with one of our favorite queens by ET Live. There's no new information here, but any excuse to promote a Willam appearance I will totally take – and it's nice to see that Pit Crew member Jason Carter got a new gig.

Season eight's winner Bob the Drag Queen is profiled in the latest installment of Logo's “Portrait of a Queen” series. Bob talks about his life after winning the crown (including performing on stage in Angels in America and her series Sibling Rivalry with Monét x Change) and shares her favorite Drag Race quotes while wowing the crowds at last year's Drag Con in her hometown of New York City. Bob, who is easily one of the funniest queens to grace the Drag Race stage confessed that, “I really tickle myself…I think that's the greatest joy in life, to make yourself laugh.” 

Bob and Katya (as well as season 11’s Shuga Cain) are set to pop up in Netflix's sequel to Armistead Maupin‘s classic miniseries, Tales of the City. The new, 10-episode series, Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City, debuts on the streaming service on June 7.

Katya and Trixie Mattel talk crime on the latest episode of their web series UNHhhh. Katya reveals that she hates the police and the two discuss how drugs are a huge criminal offense and share what happens to people who do drugs in Singapore. New uncensored episodes of UNHhhh premiere every Wednesday on WOW Presents Plus at 9am PST and censored versions debut on WOW Presents the following week.

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If watching season 11 has you reminiscing and missing the queens who walked the runway before Plastique and Silky, you can check out classic moments from Drag Race in the “RuVault” on Logo's YouTube channel.

Before Drag Race, the ball scene provided a chance for queens to strut their stuff on the runway. If you need to get caught up on your with “her-story”, the 1991 documentary Paris is Burning is essential viewing and, lucky for you, it's hitting movie theaters across the US this June.

Did you catch the premiere of Connie-wood with the amazing Love Connie? Our interview with Love Connie is coming soon, so stay tuned! Until then, check out new episodes of Connie-wood debuting every Tuesday on WOW Presents Plus!

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