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Mrs. Kasha Davis
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Get to know the real housewife of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 7, Mrs. Kasha Davis! Hailing from Rochester, New York, home of the hilarious Darienne Lake and (friend of Socialite Life) Pandora Boxx, this fab, funny queen took time away from her day filled with errands and cocktails to chat with us about how she got started and discusses her time on Drag Race as well as recording a song for Ru’s CoverGurlz 2 album.

SL: Thanks for taking the time to do this!

Mrs. Kasha Davis: No problem darling anything for you my love lumps!

SL: Tell me a little bit about yourself…

Kasha: I’m Mrs. Kasha Davis, International Celebrity Housewife! Every morning I drop the kids off at the pool and then it’s off and running – errands, quick trips to the department store to gather all the GOOD costume jewelry and then home to my husband for COCKtail hour and a light bite (keeping my size 18 figure) and then BAM! Off to a nightclub gig!

SL: How did you get started in drag?

Kasha: My earliest memory was around our Bicentennial in 1976 and my mom was busy dressing up as Snow White for the local parade and I found myself standing in our powder room wearing her padded bra and bright red lipstick.  I thought “good look for the parade”.  After that day I spent quite a few years locking the closet door but I digest….. I got started about 11 years ago now and it was all because of the fabulous Miss Richfield 1981!  I was truly inspired at her talent and humor but mostly that she could get up on stage and make no attempt at looking like an actual woman.  She hid nothing about her physique and soon she took you on a marvelous comedic ride and you realized she was “a lady”.  From there I took to the local stage in Rochester, NY with my pals Darienne Lake, Pandora Boxx and Aggy Dune and the rest is local celebrity history!

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SL: Who are your biggest influences or inspirations?

Kasha: My mother, my Aunt Ida, my grandmother (she was a whistler in vaudeville and boy, could she blow), Tina Turner, Joanne Worley and the housewives of everywhere! Without my husband Mr. Davis, I am just a lady lip syncing in the basement – we are a TEAM.

SL: What do you enjoy most about performing?

Kasha: If I don’t perform I die inside.  I’ve always known that this is what I am meant to do. When you can make someone laugh or take them away from their troubles, the reward is priceless.  (Well the tips aren’t bad either…a lady needs her fun money for spontaneous purchases like Jean Nate and boxed wine.)

SL: What can people expect to see when they come see you perform?

Kasha: A man in a dress.  Well not a man, a woman…actually no that’s not true, my mother always taught me anyone can be a girl but it takes a lot of BALLS to be a lady.  Honestly, a big heart and smile is what I will always have with me.

SL: How would you describe your look?

Kasha: I’ve learned how I describe my look and how it’s described can be two totally different things…LOL.  The mirror I look in reflects a strong, vibrant colorful gal who isn’t afraid of being middle aged, outspoken and that great aunt that everyone loves except when she gives you that big kiss on the cheek and leaves a really obvious lipstick mark!

SL: What do you think separates you from the other queens?

Kasha: Work ethic, class, determination and strength of character.

SL: You are following in the footsteps of a lot of funny queens, including Pandora Boxx and last year’s champ, Bianca Del Rio. Do you think a funny queen can snatch the crown again?

Kasha: I think that one will. Every queen is talented within her own “BRAND” or genre.  I love this about drag and Drag Race in particular.  My adoration for many of the queens of seasons past and present help me to challenge myself to improve.  Speaking of Boxx and Bianca, they are truly two standouts.  Boxx has had the most longevity and “in your face” presence of any queen.  (She’s also my friend and I owe her $50 bucks, so hopefully the shout out will suffice) and Bianca, well that bitch cracks me up.  She told me once when I was stalking her from show to show in order to hopefully convince someone to cast me on the race….” STOP FOLLOWING ME ….THEY DON’T WANT YOU BITCH”.  Oh the love…

SL: What was it like working with RuPaul?

Kasha: ABSOLUTELY INSPIRING. He’s a gorgeous man inside and out and angelic beauty and heart in drag.  There is without a doubt, no question that RuPaul wants everyone to succeed and, damn it, he is in control and a professional. I was most impressed with how much he truly knew me.  I mean to bring me a coffee with one and a half creams in the morning? Now that’s really knowing me!

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SL: What was it like covering one of Ru’s songs for the CoverGurlz 2 album? Had you ever recorded a song before? Is it something you want to do more of in the future?

Kasha: I have a background in theatre and I sing like Ethel Merman with a cold.  So, yes I love to sing and trust me, you won’t be getting me to stop any time soon! As for covering the track “Can I Get An Amen” (available on I-Tunes) I literally got so overwhelmed that I cried.  We spent a long time together leaning which song was best and “Amen” speaks to my passion for what I want to express with this opportunity I have been given.  NEVER GIVE UP and LOVE YOURSELF FIRST.  No matter what age, style or struggle, be you boldly and strongly. 

SL: What was it like working with the other queens?

Kasha: It reminded me of the time my parents sent me to Altar Boy Camp.  Yes…ALTAR BOY CAMP.  Bring a bunch of oddballs together and, although at times you could choke one another, the love was very present in the air. 

SL: What would people be surprised to know about you?

Kasha: Negative comments on social media don’t bother me.  They actually make me laugh and I LOVE COLDPLAY.

SL: What do you hope people will learn about you from the show?

Kasha: You are never too “old” to dream.

SL: What song would be your dream song to “lip sync for your life”?

Kasha: Liza with a Z by my gal LIZA MINNELLI

SL: What words of wisdom do you live by?

Kasha: Be grateful.

SL: Could you share one of your beauty tips with us?

Kasha: NEVER WEAR F**KING FLATS. U-G-L-Y….Beauty hurts.

SL: What one beauty item can you not live without?

Kasha: Proper undergarments…and frankly I have no idea why people don’t wear them. They are a necessity and a miracle garment.  You can eat that burger and cram it into a department store onesie, ladies!

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SL: What is the coolest thing that has happened to you since filming the show?

Kasha: All of the love and excitement from the fans!  Not only for me but for my Season 7 sisters too!

SL: What are you hoping to gain from your experience on the show?

Kasha: The opportunity to speak to more struggling youth or others who are finding their way so that they can stop wasting time worrying and enjoy more time living.

SL: Any upcoming news, future projects or events you’d like to share with us?

Kasha: My one-woman show “There’s always time for a Cocktail”, my upcoming single “Cocktail” and Big Wigs shows with the fabulous Aggy Dune!

SL: How can your fans best stay in touch with you?

Via my websiteInstagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook.

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