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The Week in Drag – Heidi N Closet Is Gone but Not Forgotten, Sasha Velour Chops Onions, Canada’s Drag Race Queens Ru-Vealed and More!

The Week in Drag – Heidi N Closet Is Gone but Not Forgotten, Sasha Velour Chops Onions, Canada’s Drag Race Queens Ru-Vealed and More!

Heidi N Closet

Hello, hello, hello and welcome to another glitter-covered, glamour-packed update from the queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

This week, there’s lots of talk about last week’s one-woman shows and purple runway fashions and the introduction of the queens from the Great White North looking to be Canada’s first drag superstar. And, as always, we’ve got videos from some of your favorite queens, who haven’t let a little ‘rona keep them down.

There’s lots to keep you entertained, so let’s get to it!

Bob the Drag Queen welcomes her drag daughter, Miz Cracker, to “The Pit Stop” to discuss episode 11 – from the puppet mini challenge to the one-queen shows and the color purple runway looks. 

Miz Cracker is doubling our pleasure this week – not only did she show up on Bob’s recap, she spoke with our eliminated queen who put Ramseur, NC on the map, the sweet Heidi [insert whatever last name she’s working with now here] on the latest episode of her she-larious “Review with a Jew.”  

Raven and Raja serve up their loveliest violet looks (I am loving Raja ‘s lavender hair) as they toot and boot the fashions on last week’s Color Purple runway on the lasts “Fashion Photo Ruview.”

It’s been a minute since we’ve seen the lovely April Carrion, so it was a delight to see her join Yuhua Hamasaki to discuss the violet-hued fashions on the episode 11 runway on the latest “Bootleg Opinions.”

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see the looks that Nina Bo’Nina Brown serves up for her weekly Drag Race “Rawview.” She’s had some good looks lately, but this week’s Dragon Princess is nothing less than epic. Speaking of epic, she’s got a lot to say about the queen-testants’ one-woman shows. Come for the honest commentary, stay for the look.

Shuga Cain looks positively amazing in this week’s episode of “Shuga in the Raw”. In these trying times, we can all use some Shuga in our lives. 

I was really sad that Heidi N Closet, a/k/a Heidi Aphrodite talks about her experience on Drag Race, including her Untucked meltdown, receiving “nuggets of wisdom” from Ru, the evolution of her look and her winning challenge with Michelle Visage on “Whatcha Packin’?” Michelle calls her a joy to be around, and she is 100% right and I am missing her already.

Heidi spoke with MTV and, when asked how it felt to be regarded as “heart of the season” (and hopefully, this season’s Miss Congeniality), she replied, “It feels amazing. In my family, we don’t aspire to be Miss Congeniality or anything. So going into it and being considered the heart of the season, that’s amazing. I think it’s me being my true, authentic self, really being open to all the critiques, and always just trying to have a positive outlook on everything.”

Heidi looked radiant with her disco-era makeover for the drag family challenge episode, and in this tutorial, she shows you how she created her look, including the eyebrow taming method she learned from her grandmother. 

And this is the last Heidi-focused post, I promise. She and comedian Bowen Yang were guests on Monét X Change’s series “The X Change Rate.”

Since Monétwon All-Stars 4 (yes, along with Trinity the Tuck, I know), she’s uniquely qualified to share her thoughts on the queens competing to follow her down the runway as the next All-Star – and she does here.

All-Stars 5 queen Mayhem Miller was the special guest on last week’s Celebrity Drag Race and served up some advice and tips with contestants Alex Newell, Dustin Milligan and Matt Iseman . She’s the “guru that brings out the true you” and has a fun kiki with the queens and wannabe queens.

Lady Bunny has her own one-queen show coming to you on June 5 (and you can catch it at Voss Events.) To promote it, she shared a fun parody of a RuPaul hit that is perfect for our current state of affairs. Check out “Sissy That Cough.”

I love Coco Peru for so many reasons, but discovering she is a fellow “Fanilow” makes me love her even more. In her latest “Coco Thoughts While in Solitude”, she talks about growing up and her affection for the “king of key changes,” Barry Manilow.  

Coco kikis with another member of drag royalty, the fabulous Heklina, and enjoy a little show and tell on the latest edition of “I’ll Show You Mine.”

Hope you’re not tired of Drag Race, because another spin-off is coming soon, featuring one of season 11’s standouts on the judging panel. Earlier this week, Entertainment Weekly shared images from the upcoming Canada’s Drag Race, which is set to premiere this summer in Canada on Crave, and around the world later on WOW Presents Plus. Brooke Lynn Hytes is a permanent judge on the new series, along with UnREAL star Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman and model Stacey McKenzie. Brooke got the gig by simply suggesting it to the powers that be at World of Wonder. She told EW that this “dream gig” was a dream come true, stating, “When you get on Drag Race, the clock is ticking. You’re given 15 minutes of fame and you have to do something with it or not, it’s up to you to figure out how you’re going to make this last for yourself and turn it into a huge career.”

On Thursday, the identities of the 12 queens competing on the premiere season of Drag Race Canada were revealed on World of Wonder’s website – and they are a fierce bunch.

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Not everything is all glitter and makeup in the world of drag. Unfortunately, there’s some Drag Race fans (and they’re definitely the minority) who share opinions that are quite racist with the community. Bob the Drag Queen uses the latest episode of her web series ‘Only Child” to have a thought-provoking discussion on the subject with fellow queen Peppermint. If you only watch one video from this post today, make it this one. It’s an important issue that needs to be addressed more.

Ready for a welcome blast from the past? She (sadly) was the first queen eliminated on season 2 of Drag Race, but Venus D’Lite is one fierce queen and is to Madonna what Chad Michaels is to Cher – pure perfection. Well, Venus has joined YouTube and shares how she recreated Madonna’s iconic “Bedtime Stories” look.

Jaymes Mansfield is back with another wig update, transforming an unused fan submitted wig from a stage production of Steel Magnolias that is something Katey Sagal’s character from Sons of Anarchy would wear into a teased-up rocker ‘do. She also takes on one of Raquel Welch’s hardfront wigs from “dissatisfied Olive Garden patron” to “evil popular girl from a sitcom.”

I have made no secret about the fact that I adore Honey Davenport and I love her series “Da Fuq”, because it’s just so random. This week, she and Maddelynn Hatter from season three of Dragula discuss sausage delivery machines, the theft of an 18 karat gold toilet and lots more. 

If you’re looking for something fun to do during quarantine, take a page from Trixie Mattel’s playbook and try out some new makeup. In this video, the always entertaining queen shows off some new products and gives herself a neon-tinged look that is amazing. Warning: you will be heading to Sephora after this one if you are even a little bit of a makeup whore like I am. 

In addition to makeup, if you’ve found a plethora of t-shirts in your closet after a bit of quarantine cleaning that you didn’t know what to do with, let Willam show you how to make them into distressed fashions in her latest “Crafternoonting” video. 

Want more Willam? Okay. She’s back for another Beatdown, taking on more Quarantine Queens – well, actually, it’s a recent live stream featuring her and Rhea Litre. She can dole ‘em out and take ‘em too. Courtney Act also pops in for a little shade. 

Sasha Velour is on “The Chopping Block” for Delish and, as she shows off her (questionable) knife skills, she talks about her Quibi series “NightGowns”, reveals the song that was her first lip sync, talks about stardom, and shares the craziest rumor she’s ever heard about herself.

Season 7 winner Violet Chachki is back with another fabulous makeover. This time she pays tribute to Japanese airbrush artist Pater Sato. The resulting look is stunning.

She isn’t in the cast (yet, I’m sure), but the stunning Kimora Blac is here to discuss the queens of All-Stars 5 and review their entrance looks.

Well, that’s all for this week but don’t fret, the queens are keeping busy and bringing us lots of fun and fierce content, which we’ll share next week. Until then, stay safe, stay healthy and say LOVE!

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