Meet Pitita, Drag Race España’s Season Three winner

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Drag Race España has proven to be one of the strongest international franchises and has introduced us to queens who embody charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent.

The show’s third season is no different. After excelling on the runway with breathtaking fashions, showcasing her sense of humor in the Snatch Game and “Uno Dos Drag” challenge, and putting her pipes on display in the Wizard of Oz-inspired musical, the lovely Pitita snatched the crown – and our hearts. And she accomplished all of this with a broken finger!

Hailing from Barcelona and taking her name from famed Spanish socialite Pitita Ridruejo, this fashion-forward queen (born Bernat Bordes) took time to chat with us about her experience on the show, her fashion influences, and her new single in our exclusive interview Say ”hola” to this multi-talented performer.

Hola, Pitita. Congratulations on your win!  

Thank you so much.

First of all, very important question. How is your finger?

My finger is good, already usable, so I can do better makeup than I used to do on the show. It's actually working again, so I'm very, very happy.

What got you started in drag?

Well, actually it was fashion. I'm a fashion designer out of drag, and what I started doing in my life as an artist was to make clothes and gowns, usually for women. So, it was the third season that got me to actually wear them, and as I tried drag and I started it, and then I fell in love with the job, and I saw that drag is way more than dressing up as a woman, as the kind of woman you would love to be in another life, or in the same one, because we can actually do both, which is fabulous, and, yeah, that's the reason, actually, fashion.

What were your fashion influences?

I've been a fashion kid since I started. The first movie I remember is Murder on the Orient Express, the old movie, or Evil Under the Sun, all the Agatha Christie movies. And I also remember The Devil Wears Prada as one of my first memories in fashion. I've been reading fashion magazines, watching every single fashion show, following every single collection. My best references are Alexander McQueen, Guo Pei from China that works in Paris, also doing haute couture. Givenchy, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana. I love many, many, many, many brands and many, many designers. I think there's a lot of talent out there. 

How did you react when you found out you were cast on season three?

Well, as everyone, I started crying. I was very, very happy I made it. You know that we have to go through a very hard casting. And this year, actually, in Spain, they, well, I don't know if you saw, but the other runways, they were very high level. We had feathers. We had the three-in-one look. We had technology illusions happening. Like, we had a lot of work. And it really took a lot. So, I was very, very happy and very excited to get to share that. It was a dream of mine as a fashion designer to get a list of 12 amazing dresses you have to get done in one month and with no budget. It's just a challenge you would love to do and you would die to do as an artist.

What was your favorite challenge on the show?    

I have to say, and this may be controversial because many people thought that I didn't deserve to win, but my favorite challenge was the musical. I think we did an amazing job as a whole cast. I think we played amazing as a team and I really enjoyed the performing life. It's what I do every week is what I love to do. And I really look forward to doing something like that, like with dance and choreography and scenography. It takes many, many things to make actually a very complicated piece of work all together. And I really had the best time rehearsing and doing everything because it's performing live and playing stupid in front of people. It's my favorite thing to do in drag.

Yes, I loved that and I loved the “Uno Dos Drag” challenge.

Oh yeah, I'm very proud of that. You remember I said that I was inspired by my father, who is a little like that. But I took it obviously in a very extreme parody way. But I really had fun because you saw me let loose right there. I really had fun doing something I had never done before, but I thought, I saw that it was kind of working. So, it was like, go there, go there, go bigger. And it was very, very fun. So yeah, thank you for mentioning that. That's something I really feel very proud of.

Yes, it was wonderful. And like I mentioned before, your fashions on the runway were absolutely fantastic. Which of your outfits was your favorite?

Okay, that question I've been asked a lot and I still haven't made up my mind, but I have to say, just because of the originality of it, it should be the croquette with the sea fish because it went viral the most and like, well, you saw my style in drag. I was lucky enough to be able to show all the looks I had, so people have seen my style. It’s very classic, it's very fashion, it's very glamour and antique inspired sometimes, but I love to go out of the box and I love doing that high fashion…what's it? Seafood? I know what the name of it in English.

A squid?

Yeah, exactly, the squid. So that, the fashion squid, that's something I will forever remember.

What was the biggest challenge for you during the season?

Dancing. I have two left feet, and then you are usually very tired. So, you're not probably in the best place to learn choreography if you don't like it or you're not used to it. I'm used to it, but I usually have a week in my home with my choreographer to learn it. I don't have like eight hours to be able to be in front of the judges and get be judged about that. So, the second episode when we had to dance that very complicated choreography. That was the time I was the most scared of leaving because I thought I'm not really good at this and we had many good dancers in the cast. So, I was I was like, okay, this one I may be in danger, but it all went well with great fashion again. 

Would you want to participate in a versus the world season of Drag Race?

I think it would be amazing to be able to spread my drag in a whole bigger level, like right now I'm already performing in Spain and in some other places also, but I think it would be amazing for a fashion queen like myself who has also done all the work that he presented on the show, that actually, you know, happens very few times. There's not that many contestants who are seamstresses and we do all of that. So, I think that's a very nice thing to know ways to be a part of the show. Again, all these interests that you always respect a lot. And I would love to do that. I think not right now, obviously, because I just finished the season. I won four challenges. I have to really get better and get some rest to find out new ideas to be amazing again because it's really very hard to do better, you know, it is very hard.

I know you're going on tour with the Gran Hotel, what can fans expect when they see you live?

I think they don't know much what to expect. As Pitita I've been working only for two years. Like here in Barcelona, everybody knows me. I've been performing in almost every club, almost every party, almost everywhere. So here in Barcelona, everybody knows my style of performance and drag. But outside of that, when I went to the competition, nobody knew me. They were all from Madrid almost. And I really didn't know much, like they didn't know much of me and they didn't know what to expect. So that's something I think played in my favor. I guess everything, every single time I did something, it was actually news. Right? So, um, I don't know. I mean, what was the question? Tell me again, because I think I went somewhere.

No, you were there. What can fans expect when they see you perform?

Oh, yeah. I think, well, yeah, as a part, yeah, as the regular question, it would be they can expect a nice-looking illusion, a great lip sync. I always try to be very meticulous with my words and my ease and my, even though I'm not a great dancer, I'm as at least as Alyssa Edwards always says, I'm a fierce queen and I can sell you that I can dance even though I can't much. But you can always see a gorgeous look always and a tiny waist. Yeah. If you ever seen me with a very big waist, I’m not planning it to be. Call me that day, like, tell me something. I will be very glad.

Now, I noticed that you just dropped a new video and a song, “Pedigrí”, and mi español no está bueno…what is “Pedigrí” about?

Okay, so, my character, Pitita, is based on an old lady that used to be one of these socialized, very conservative, representing all the morals that I don't obviously represent. And the fact that I have her name, it's just this comedic moment about complaining and talking about all these people that think they are the best people in the world, just because they have a surname.

They're from a certain family or just… they have a lot of money. It's just a critique to all these rich people that think that they are above us just because they have money or a surname and the song really talks about being classy and being luxurious. It really doesn't have to do with money. Being classy can be grown and you can be the most, the classiest person in the world. I take myself as an example. I don't have like the richest family in the world, and I haven't had like the most facilities to get here. That's why I tell everyone that class doesn't mean having a degree, that class doesn't mean to be somewhat important. You can get because you can get luxurious. You can really get to that position by working it and by owning it, not by receiving it for free. You know, so that's just the critique. Even though I don't look like that, but I try. I look very rich, but nope, I'm not.

YouTube video

Well, the song is amazing. Is there going to be more music from you in the future?

Oh, yes, and actually I'm very happy you asked this because we're releasing the English version so that all of you will be able to dance to it in the US and around the world. I'm very, very excited. We did the single with a very important composer here in Spain who launched many, many hit songs here. So, I'm very, very looking forward to keep on doing music and keep on basically offering content and giving people Pitita as all the versions we can find as, as a dress, as a song, as a show, as a tour, we'll see. I think we are very excited and looking forward for what to happen.

Well, I'm looking forward to it. And again, congratulations, and I hope to see you come to America soon.

I will. I'm sure I will be there at DragCon next year because I won and I know I have my booth there. I'm waiting, and I want to come. I want to get to know all of you guys there in LA. I've never crossed the Atlantic Ocean, so I'm very, very excited to come for the first time with all of my wigs and my merch.

Yes! We're looking forward to it and best of luck to you and everything and thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us.

No, it was a pleasure baby. It’s my first ever international interview I’ve done in drag. It's really a pleasure. Thank you all for contacting me. It really feels special to me, so thank you.

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